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Welcome to this community! I thought I'd start with the theme of love. The love Jesus longs to share with us in a living relationship. I was reminded of the rhapsodic love that Mel Tari expressed in his sweet book "The Gentle Breeze of Jesus".

"I had better admit something to you: I'm terribly in love with my Jesus! Sometimes when I sit down and think about how delightful and irresistible He is, I can hardly breathe... When you whisper little I-love-you's to the Lord during the day, I can just imagine that His eyes start to sparkle and a warm, happy glow comes into His heart... You know, that's what true lovers do. They spend hours talking with each other, trying to get to know each other better."

I hope these words encourage you in your love affair with Jesus.

We talk of many things but there must be times when Jesus longs for us to draw close to Him and just enjoy being with Him. Because he loves us so much. Because, against all the odds, he can see right through to the heart of us and we actually delight him. Christianity involves a love affair. Do you think so too?

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